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Got Silver… Get Cash! Royal Gold Buyers is BUYING!

Silver Facts:

  • Silver, one of the earliest elements discovered, dates back to 4000 BC - some experts believe it may date back to 5000 BC. In fact, at one time it was valued higher than gold (3000 BC).

  • Silver is easy to work with. It’s pliable - easily pressed and stretched into almost any shape.

  • Silver is everywhere, used artistically, industrially and for currency. Many of us have silver coins, jewelry, artistic pieces, dining utensils, etc. It is estimated that 20 billion ounces of silver are presently being used.

  • Many languages use the word “silver” and “money” as synonyms. In fact, silver has been used monetarily as coinage and in other forms since approximately 700 BC. In the US, it was used in circulation through 1970, but then it became too expensive. However, the US Mint still strikes various non-circulating legal tender silver coins.

  • Do you have any dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins minted for circulation before 1965? Well, they are made from a 90% silver composition, except for those struck prior to 1840 - they are 89.24% silver composition! Some of these include Barber dimes (1892 - 1916), Mercury dimes (1916 -1945), Roosevelt dimes (1946 -1964), Barber quarters (1892 - 1916), etc. For a complete list, call to schedule an appointment at Royal Gold Buyers… and bring your coins, they may be worth many times their face or melt value.

Whether you have a single coin or an entire collection, we are buying and offering the highest prices. In addition to silver coins, we are also buying gold coins and paper currency!

We offer a free, no obligation evaluation. Limited local home visits are offered. Call 516-208-3891 and schedule an appointment today. Get the Royal Treatment! Below is one of our client’s 5 Star Google Reviews:

“Great service, very friendly and professional. I highly recommend going to them for all gold, silver & coin selling!” - M.C.


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