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The Who, What, Where, When and Why to Successfully Sell Your Gold Jewelry!

Are you thinking about selling gold jewelry - but not sure how to start? Royal Gold Buyers of Rockville Centre and Garden City answer the 5 Ws, to help you make the best decision and get paid the highest prices when selling gold jewelry.

Who should I sell my gold to?

What is the best place to sell gold?

Where do I go to sell gold?

When is the best time to sell my gold?

Why should I consider selling gold jewelry to Royal Gold Buyers?

WHO: At Royal Gold Buyers, this is the #1 question people seem to face, especially from those who were not yet familiar with our reputation of paying the highest prices - on the spot, and for providing the respect and service all clients deserve. In fact, many of our new clients are friends and family members of our existing clients. Please read our 5 Star Google Reviews… over 350 and counting.

One of our recent 5 Star Goggle Reviews really touched our hearts, especially to learn that the extra money would help the children in need in Albania - what an amazing act of kindness, to sell gold chain. “Happy with service - Neha gave fair prices for gold chain.” - Valon

WHAT: Royal Gold Buyers, pays the MOST... GUARANTEED. Immediate payment for your Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Coins, Currency, Collectibles and Antiques! Broken or tarnished… bring it in. Payment is based on weight… not necessarily on condition.

WHERE: We are so grateful to our growing family of clients. Thanks to their wonderful response and support, RGB has several locations, each offering the same unmatched service and prices.

Rockville Centre, NY

671 Franklin Avenue

Garden City, NY

And we even offer alternative options to in-store visits, please call for details regarding a home appointment when looking to sell gold chain, rings, earrings, etc.

WHEN: Everyday, we have the opportunity to meet wonderful people in our community, who become part of the Royal Gold Buyers’ family. Not only do they bring their gold, but they often bring their story, as to the pieces they are selling and the reason why they have decided to sell at this point in time. For some, it is because they no longer wear the pieces and are looking to purchase something else, and for others, the extra money is needed during the challenges we continue to face during COVID-19. Gold prices remain high - now is the time! Coming to RGB provides comfort in knowing we pay the highest, and equally as important - we follow the COVID-19 guidelines to keep our staff and clients safe.

WHY: The final question. For us, the answer is simple - we are family owned and operated and treat all our clients like family. Why come to Royal Gold Buyers? We love what we do, and we love to answer questions and share jewelry stories. And we make selling gold jewelry and other valuables easy. We are transparent, easy to reach - directly, and want to make something much more important than a purchase of your gold… your trust and to build a long-term relationship.

Sell your gold to Royal Gold Buyers and get the highest prices… it really is that easy! Call us today at 516.208.3891. Discover why our clients say that Royal Gold Buyers is the best place to sell gold.


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