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What to do with Jewelry from your Ex - 5 Tips from Royal Gold Buyers

In life, we have the opportunity to meet many people. Sometimes, relationships begin and blossom, and at other times, relationships end. The question then becomes - What to do with your jewelry once the relationship ends? Whether gifts were received from a spouse, significant other or during a short term relationship… they still exist, and it may be time to part ways. It’s your decision - do what feels right.

  1. Return the Jewelry: After evaluating the gifts - a family heirloom or an engagement ring, you may decide to return the jewelry to your Ex.

  2. Keep the Jewelry: Perhaps there are some good memories linked to the jewelry gifts. Wear them or tuck them away in a drawer - hold on to them.

  3. Re-Gift: Not into the jewelry gift you received… re-gift to a friend or family member who may enjoy it. You may even want to keep a piece or two, especially with the upcoming holidays.

  4. Unsure - Pawn It: If you are unsure as to what to do at this time, but need cash - Royal Gold Buyers offers state regulated short-term loans. Your items are insured, securely stored, and available when you are ready to pick them up. Immediate on the spot payment!

  5. Sell to Royal Gold Buyers: Many people who decide to sell their jewelry, come to Royal Gold Buyers. We understand and try to make this transition stress-free by paying the highest prices for jewelry in a private one-on-one appointment. We even offer home appointments, should that be an easier option.

Royal Gold Buyers of Rockville Centre pays top dollar for Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Luxury Watches and more! Our clients feel confident in our evaluation, as well in the offer we make. We are family owned and operated, treating each client like family. Have jewelry from your Ex? Please call 516.208.3891 and schedule an appointment to see how we can help.


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