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Andrew T. - Super Nice

“I must admit I was very happy with the price I got for my Rolex, but was even more impressed with Raj and his wife, super nice people. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.”


Carmine D. - Happy

“Had a wonderful experience and top quality professionalism and was very happy with their Rolex pricing!!!”


Moniquemarie O. - Very Friendly

“Neha was a pleasure to work with. She made a really uncomfortable situation so much more relaxing. Very friendly. Would recommend to all.”


Adrian B. - Great Customer Service

“Great customer service, great business - will be coming back in the future.”


Kelsey L. - Great Service

“I called and received a quote really quickly and when I got to the store received great service and the same fair price.”


Dominique M. - Helpful

“Was pleasantly surprised by the owner's helpful demeanor and the fair price I received for my jewelry, would like to recommend and look forward to returning.”


Brian B. - Wonderful People

“Raj and his wife Neha are wonderful people. I had an excellent experience. It was simple, easy and quick.”


Aerial V. - Awesome Experience

“I had an awesome experience that exceeded my expectations. The owner was so warm, friendly and professional. I would totally recommend this place to anyone looking to sell their jewelry. I had a great experience.”


Bella M. - Nice and Friendly

“Really good experience, the woman who helped us was really nice and friendly. Definitely going to come back again and highly recommend!”


Christopher A. - Polite

“The women behind the counter was very nice and polite very helpful, and made me feel comfortable. I would go back to this place - this store is recommended.”


Alisa B. - Highly Recommend

“Rajiv was so warm, informative, and professional. He and his wife Neha made me feel confident in my business with them. I highly recommend doing business with them!!”


Joanne M. - Great Experience

“Great experience. The gentleman who helped us was very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with us. Walked out with a nice sum of money.”


Lois D. - Highest Prices

“Rgb is a great place to sell your gold, silver and watches. They are very professional and give you the highest price for your jewelry. Great people to deal with. I recommend them highly.”


Darlene H. - Helpful

“Neha & Rajiv were very helpful in selling some old coins, gold, jewelry and some other odds and ends. I will go back to them again. They made it easy and gave me a good price for my items.”


Patricia W. - Good Experience

“Pleasant, professional and lovely place to do business. Really good experience. Thank you, Neha.”

Bob M. - Honest and Fair

“I was so impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable service I received from Royal Gold Buyers that I came back a second time to sell more gold/silver. I did my research first and feel that I got a fair price for my items. I would highly recommend using Royal to sell your jewelry/gold/silver. They are honest and fair in their pricing and I walked out with lots of cash!!!! Thank you RGB!!!”


Jonathan Z. - Great Advice

“Neha was very nice, dedicated, professionals, and extremely helpful. I was given great advice about what to do with saved up coins.”


Esteban V. - Positive Energy

“This is a Real review, I was in to the store for the first time today. Of-course I am prepare to go to war because of past dealings with Shady gold buyers, The minute I walked in, I felt like I-was at my Friends house, clean, comfortable, nice place, I am definitely going to go back there with other heirlooms and things that I want to sell but didn’t want to be ripped off. The Beautiful young woman was very classy and made me feel very relaxed and the positive energy was just amazing, I know she gave me a generous price for my scrap gold and made me feel important even though I only had a small amount, Anyone thinking of selling or pawning something, Go there First or you will definitely miss out on this Honest place, Thanks Again Sal”


Andres M. - Fantastic Experience

“What A fantastic experience, the professionalism and kindness was mesmerizing, I would particularly point this experience to Rajiv , who’s help and transparency make us feel in complete trust throughout the whole transaction!!!”


Nancy N. - 10+ Stars

“I am so so happy with my visit to royal gold buyers. Neha helped and gave me highest prices as compared to other stores offered me. She was very polite and honest. Her husband was also very nice to me and my mom. Great people and I felt like home. It was so a friendly and comfortable environment. I am going back to them to sell my gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Sell your gold to them!! Yes you can trust them I highly recommend rgb in Rockville Centre NY. Thank you Neha so much I am very very happy. 10+ stars to them👍👍”


Jackie D. - Best Experience

“The best experience I ever had! Great man to work with really wants to see you happy. Earned a lifelong relationship from me! Thank you.”


James J. - Great Experience

“Great experience turning in some old gold jewelry. Rajiv was very helpful and explained everything to us.”


Lauren C. - Wonderful Experience

“I had a wonderful experience here! They were very nice, explained exactly why the prices were a certain way, and even Asked how I would like the money in return. I will definitely be back one day soon with more!”


Matthew M. - Best Choice

“First time in here and it was the best choice I made ! I never trust anyone when it comes to selling jewelry but Rajiv made me feel very welcomed. Gave me a lot more money than any other gold buying place I went to. Will 100 % be doing more business with them!”


Me - Great People

“Wow can't believe the price they gave me. Great people will Definitely come back. True to my word I came back. I had a pleasant experience dealing with Royal Gold. You guys are great. Your wife and daughter are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Thanks again friends. Much appreciated. See you soon. Be well.”


Lambo L. - Very Straightforward

“Just can’t believe the price I got from Royal gold buyers. So happy with service & price. It was cash on spot they don’t play games. Very straightforward I am happy”


Peter B. - Best Place in L.I.

I am extremely happy with the price and the service was fast and easy!! Rajiv and Neha helped me and educated me well. Best place in Long Island.”


Kenan S. - Professional

“Professional people here. The owner is very hands on and his attention to details are appreciated. We will work with him again.”


Juhi M. - Great Prices

“Great prices! After doing my research for a ring that I wanted to trade in, Rajiv and Neha beat all of them! Such an easy and quick transaction! Thank you!!”


Merab K. - Best Price

“Sold a diamond 💎 and received cash money and best price recommended.”


Shah A. - Great Staff

“I got the best price for my gold and diamond jewelry. Highly recommended great staff.”


Joseph D. - 5+ Trust

“5+. This place is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for trustworthy business! Neha, the associate, was tremendous! Highly recommend bringing your business here, trust is a big part, and I trust them.”


Richie C. - Honest

“The most honest gold buyers and NEHA was so helpful and honest I'm am so happy with the service please stop in and say hello great services and pay highest!!”


Liz P. - Wonderful

“This place is wonderful Neha was understanding and caring. I will recommend to my family and friends. Ana I will return.”


Erica G. - Great Assistance

“I had such a pleasant time selling my Gold. Great assistance and help. I got a great price for my pieces! Thank you!”


Andy O. - 5+ Stars

“I rate this place 5+ stars. Amazing deals, I come here every time to sell jewelry and I’ve never been disappointed. Highly recommend!!”


Jake M. - Excellent Value

“Came in with a lot of old silver and gold jewelry and the gentleman was very knowledgeable and patient. He answered all my questions and gave me an excellent value for what I brought in. Thanks!”


Ava R. - Love Going

“I love going here to get extra cash! I definitely recommend coming here if you are looking to sell jewelry!!”


Oscar P. - Honest

“Went to royal gold buyers and sold my gold and silver and got paid more than other companys offered. Rajiv and Neha are very honest people.”


Lauren R. - Top Dollar

“Rajiv and Neha were so helpful. VERY honest and give top dollar. It was a great experience all around. Totally recommend!!!😎”


Michael B. - Best Prices

“Andy offered me the best prices after visiting a couple other stores. I highly recommend Royal Gold Buyers, excellent service...”


Neelam N. - Most Money

“They offered me the most money for my gold and diamond jewelry and great customer service quick and cash payment on the spot.”


Shanza A. - Better Prices

“Went to get some extra cash for my jewelry and they paid better prices than people around them.”


S.C. - Amazing

“My experience at Royal Gold Buyers was amazing. The staff offered me best prices than anywhere around town. The whole process was quick and no pressure environment. I would highly recommend to friends & family and continue to do business with them! 5 🌟”


Deepak P. - Honest

‘Very helpful honest and friendly staff. Sold them my jewelry and they paid me more as compared to other stores. Highly recommend Royal gold buyers.”


Harneet K. - Excellent Service

“Excellent service and great staff always willing to help and great prices love doing business with them. Highly recommend Royal gold buyers.”


Jayesh A. - Great Experience

“Very helpful and friendly. The man that helped me was very honest and kind. I got much more than I had hoped for. From start to finish was a great experience. I will definitely return for future business.”

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