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3 Quick Ways to Sell Diamond Jewelry This Valentine’s

There could be multiple reasons behind you wanting to sell your diamond jewelry. It could be the need for quick cash, a divorce, or simply a need for an upgrade. Whatever may be the reason, you must make the right choice of choosing a pawn shop.

All pawn shops specialize in buying diamond jewelry but are you ready with it especially when you are a beginner? Given Valentine’s month around the corner, every second jewelry buyer near Rockville Centre will offer 10% extra cash in return for your diamonds. Isn’t that lucrative?

Here is a simple and quick guide on how you can make money this Valentines’.

Check what you own

Your granny may have told you of the necklace being precious but it’s probably because of the memories associated with it. The carat of a diamond is what makes all the difference. If you can’t check it for yourself, take it to an expert who can help you. The lower the carat, the lesser will be its worth. The same goes for a ring or probably a bracelet that you own.

Hold a budget

Diamonds are expensive but that doesn’t mean you come up with an extravagant price to sell. It is often the market value that a diamond buyer will follow. There are times when the condition of the diamond jewelry affects the price. You will receive the right price in return when you go to a genuine pawn shop.

Pick the right pawn shop

When you sell your diamond jewelry to a pawn shop, you must select the genuine one. There are several out there but it doesn’t mean that all of them will offer you the same amount of money in return. A genuine shop will have experts to analyze the quality and condition of the diamonds that you have brought to them.

Established pawn shops help out with the best rates for their customers and when it is Valentines’ around the corner, you will get the best deal no doubt.


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