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Need Cash Now? Sell your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Bullion to Royal Gold Buyers!

Royal Gold Buyers of Rockville Centre, New York and Garden City, New York provides the premier service our valued clients deserve, as well as paying the highest prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins. We’ve immersed ourselves into the community, where we continuously earn the respect and trust of residents and businesses.

“Great friendly place. Been here 3 times now and highly recommend. They don't make you feel pressured like other places do. Very personal professional!” - A.B.

We love to engage in conversations with our clients, especially about bullion coins - physical coins made of precious metals. Many of our clients have received bullion coins as a gift, or have collected or invested in them.

“Enjoyed the visit and advice. Will follow up with his advice and evaluate the value of our coins. No pressure service!” - F.M.

Now is the time to schedule a private, no-obligation, one-on-one FREE evaluation appointment with Royal Gold Buyers. Simply call 516.208.3891 (Rockville Centre) or 516.408.5359 (Garden City). We have glowing 5 STAR Google Reviews, which continue to grow on a daily basis. We’ve formed wonderful relationships with our clients, generating recurring visits and referrals of their friends, family members and business associates. Coming to RGB provides peace of mind in a safe and secure location.

“Neha was very helpful and gave me fast service and a great price. Will be back!” - R.P.

“Great price for silver coins.” - K.S.

“Good place to cash your gold and coins thanks to Rajiv.” - F.A.


  • In March of 1793, the Mint produced the first batch of circulating coins - 11,187 copper cents worth $111.78.

  • In 1909, President Abraham Lincoln was the first person to appear on a circulating American coin.

  • From 1942-1945, minted five-cent coins did not actually contain nickel - in order to save nickel during wartime.

  • In 2006, Gold Buffalo coins were minted with an image of an Indian Chief. According to some experts, it was created based on three American Indian Chiefs - not one.

  • The One Tonne Gold Coin is the largest coin in the world (Guinness World Record). It measures 80cm wide by 13 cm deep.


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