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Is it Platinum, Gold, or Silver? Here's what YOU Need to Know!

When was the last time you went through your jewelry box? Do you have some pieces that were handed down to you, gifted or perhaps you purchased them for yourself? Whether you are thinking of treasuring or selling the pieces, it is imperative to know if they are truly platinum, gold or silver.

Fine jewelry is inscribed, etched or stamped with specific markings to denote composition and purity. Here are Royal Gold Buyers’ tips:

1. Platinum: A 950 Platinum mark indicates that 950 parts are pure platinum out of 1000, or 95% pure platinum. Other markings include Plat 950, Pt950, PLAT, PT, 950 Plat or 950Pt. Another mark regarding platinum is:

  • 900 Platinum - which means it’s 900 parts pure platinum out of 1000 or 95% pure platinum. Other markings include Plat 900, Pt900, 900 Plat, 900Pt, 900 PT or Iridplat (90% pure platinum and 10% iridium).

2. Gold: 100 percent pure gold is denoted with 24K or having a 999 marking. Other symbols or markings - also known as hallmarks (standard of purity) include:

  • 22K (22-karat): 22 out of 24 parts are pure gold or 91.7% pure gold, marked 916 or 917.

  • 18K (18-karat): 18 out of 24 parts are pure gold or 75% pure gold, marked 750.

  • 14K (14-karat): 14 out of 24 parts are pure gold or 53.8% pure gold, marked 585 or 583.

  • 12K (12-karat): 12 out of 24 parts are pure gold or 50% pure gold, marked 500.

  • 10K (10-karat): 10 parts are pure gold or 41.7% pure gold, marked 416 or 417.

  • 9K (9-karat): 9 parts pure gold or 37.5% pure gold, marked 375.

3. Silver: Pure sterling silver contains 92.5% pure fine silver mixed with other metals, and marked as follows: 925 Sterling Silver, .925 Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver.

Check the inside of your rings, bracelets, earring posts, necklace clasps or brooches. If you have platinum, gold or silver jewelry and would like to sell these pieces, please call Royal Jewelry Buyers, it may be more valuable than you realize. We’re buying… and paying more!

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Royal Gold Buyers is conveniently located at 29A North Village Ave. in Rockville Centre, NY. Please call (516) 208-3891 and schedule your appointment today. Get the Royal Treatment!


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