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Royal Gold Buyers Pays the Most for Pre Owned Luxury Watches

A luxury watch… many people seem to love owning one. Wearing a luxury watch is often associated with success, boosts confidence, and generates comments of interest. However, you may decide to sell your watch because your taste has changed or you may need additional cash.

If you have a luxury watch - now is the time to sell it to Royal Gold Buyers. We want to pay you the highest price for your watch, so we have created a checklist of things to consider:

If you have the original box and papers… bring them to your scheduled appointment at Royal Gold Buyers. This may include packaging, receipt, warrantee, service records and authenticity guarantee. Take the time to search for these documents, in order to expedite the sale and get the highest price.

Does the watch come as a set? If so - bring the other items along with you.

Are there any additional links (metal bracelet)? Bring them with you.

No box or documentation… no problem. Although the original box, packaging and papers generally increase the value, Royal Gold Buyers is happy to offer a Free Evaluation and make you an offer.

Some higher-end brands of watches will provide a, “Certificate of Authenticity” or documentation for a small fee. It’s worth a call. Some of these may include:

  • Rolex

  • Patek Phillippe

  • Piaget

  • Omega

  • IWC

  • Breguet

Condition Matters: Are there any visible flaws on the watch? Are there any scratches on the crystal, is the band torn - if leather, or if a metal bracelet - is it stretched? Is the watch running properly?

At Royal Gold Buyers, we have years of experience with timepieces, which is vital to receiving the highest possible prices. Proudly, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate your luxury watch and explain how our offer was determined. Please read some of our 5-Star Reviews from our wonderful Clients:

“RGB is a great place to sell your gold, silver and watches. They are very professional and give you the highest price for your jewelry. Great people to deal with. I recommend them highly.” - L.D.

“I had a wonderful experience here! They were very nice, explained exactly why the prices were a certain way, and even asked how I would like the money in return. I will definitely be back one day soon with more!” - L.C.

“I am extremely happy with the price and the service was fast and easy!! Rajiv and Neha helped me and educated me well. Best place in Long Island” - P.B.

If you have a preowned luxury watch, please call (516) 208-3891 and schedule a private, no-obligation, one-on-one free evaluation. Limited local home visits are also available. We are buying and offering the highest prices. In addition to luxury watches, we are buying fine jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, currency, collectibles, antiques and more! Get the Royal Treatment - call today!


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